Look We make high quality hand woodturned items. All our wood turned items are unique gifts hand crafted to the highest quality. In this shop we supply the following woodturning :-

We supply the trade with any custom woodturning (see tab in top margin in classic view)




   Birthday gifts for him and her including Jewellery stands and garden gifts

  Various Watch Stands             unusual gifts       Jewellery Stands          Gavels & Blocks        Garden Tools & Gifts


The photo in the background of the above text was a stair produced using our turned newels and spindles. These were designed by Steve Jones for the customer.

we use traditional methods and some of our tools are tools designed by my Great, Great Grandfather. One of our lathes is almost 100 years old and would not be out of place in a museum but still produces top quality results. This lathe has been driven by a gas engine, a large D.C. motor using the old flat belt methods and now it is powered by a standard 3 phase motor. There can not be many of these lathes still in daily use, but it is quite appropriate when we use it to make mock 17th Century Bandoliers and Lances for jousting.

  • Steve turning porch posts on the RS10







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